Hello. We have varied interests with the main joint one being tandem cycling. Having become tandem partners this expanded our individual range of interests.
Our tandem was a Dawes Galaxy of 1992 vintage, being one of the last of that model. Our first tandem trip was only a few miles on a 1950 Sun to see if we liked the idea. Benjamin had previous cycling experience, some with tandems. It should be mentioned that this was the first cycling done by Valerie. Soon other short trips followed and we were hooked.
Our first UK Tandem Club activity was an Easter Rally. After this, why not a holiday by tandem, neither of us having been on holiday for several years. This was when we decided to replace the Sun with a new tandem. Every main holiday since has been by tandem, now over 20 years. After 22 years we have now replaced our Dawes with a Thorn Adventurer.
We are probably an average sort of tandem couple, tending to take our time, enjoying meeting people and learning of the cultures of others, although so far have not ventured out of Europe. The initial site is about how we reached our tour areas and what we found there. Now being enlarged on.
We joined International Friends of Nature, an organisation set up to provide accommodation and social activities for its members. They are keen on environmental matters and support projects like Blue Rivers of Europe.We are members of the Tandem Club UK. In the UK, we now have a National Cycle Network, initiated by Sustrans, which we also members of.